Family Tree Posters

Fill your walls with family history.

Why keep all your research hidden online and tucked away in boxes and files? Share and preserve your family tree in the perfect poster for a wall-sized presentation.

Select a poster type to get started:

Descendant Poster

Starting at $14.95

Combination Poster

Starting at $14.95

Standard Poster

Starting at $19.95

Family History Poster Details

  • Display three to nine generations of lineage.
  • Choose a layout: Descendant Tree, Standard Format or Combination.
  • Choose size: 16 x 20", 18 x 24", or 24 x 36".
  • Auto-fill your poster online with records.
  • Add photos, edit text, change backgrounds and more.
  • Frame-ready posters are printed on photographic, archival-quality paper.